Take care of your world

Save that world of yours. Guard it with the walls of truth through which a lie cannot pass. Cover it with peace before which unrest must recede. And let the door make joy and not let sadness inside.

Save that world of yours. Choose wisely when and what you will let inside. To whom and what will you open up.

And to all that has no quality for you, feel free to leave it outside. Because, you don’t need… You don’t need anything that will disturb you and cause you pain.

Keep your world in the mantle of love. And all that is not, leave it outside. Everything that has no pure intention, you do not need…

And it doesn’t matter who he is or what he is. Just pass it through the filter. The important thing will stay and the rest will go away. Because it only steals your peace and energy, but it doesn’t bring anything good.

So don’t give up. Don’t open. To nothing you don’t feel you need. Listen to what your soul is saying and you will never fall for it.

And you will keep your peace.

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