Be the support, strength, and motivation to yourself!

There are a lot of things you learn when you have no one to rely on!
  1. You learn that sometimes you can try to explain something to someone, but people can only understand it when the same thing happens to them.
  2. You begin to realize that in the end only you can help yourself and then you begin to actively solve problems.
  3. It’s easier for you when you don’t talk about some things because you subconsciously start expecting it to happen and you get disappointed when what you thought you would happen doesn’t happen.
  4. You realize who really cares and who is just acting. Real friends are known in difficult times.
  5. You realize that some of your best friends don’t know the real you but just one part of you. In other words, they love you when you are happy, but not when you are sad.
  6. Some people downplay your problems because they are not life threatening and therefore will not listen to you. He runs away from these people as far as possible.
  7. You start looking for answers instead of looking for approval and solutions outside of yourself. That means doing things according to your own judgment.
  8. You learn how to be responsible for your own life. If you mess something up, you are responsible and don’t blame other people for your failure. You simply learn how to fight your battles because not everyone is on your side.
  9. You learn the hard way to accept yourself. It’s hard when you think you’re alone, and it’s even harder to think it’s not your fault. You think you’re a bad friend, but in the end you learn not to take some things personally and be strong while you’re alone.
  10. You learn to deal with loneliness. You embrace your thoughts, your confusion and your fears. Eventually you become fearless.
  11. You begin to realize that everyone has a role to play in your life, and some people don’t have that important one. Some are only there temporarily and will not be your friends for the rest of your life.
  12. You become more cautious when it comes to future relationships. You’re not so confidential anymore, you don’t confide easily. You set boundaries with those who may not be interested in your good.
  13. Sometimes it’s better not to tell people everything about yourself because you never know how or when they will use it against you.
  14. You realize that you can rise on your own after a fall and that you don’t have to rely on anyone.
  15. This is a difficult lesson, but also the most important. You can only survive alone because some people just want to drag you to the bottom.

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