“I don’t doubt your intelligence, but you CAN NOT do this!”

It was the opening (and concluding) sentence of my “training” at the new workplace. The colleague resolutely got up and left the room. Just like in the movies. Right at “sunset”.

And in retirement.

I remained sitting in the Conference Room, at the large polished table, looking in shock at the forcefully closed glass door, which was still vibrating from the force of the impact.

I didn’t have too many choices. I had two options in front of me;

– to be a coward; to sit, cry and confirm, that despite “my intelligence, I CAN’T do it”

– to be brave and say; ok, maybe no one knows EVERYTHING about her work, but probably many people know part of it. Get off your ass, go from office to office, call clients, “steal” knowledge, a little bit from everyone. Look through files, books, google, stack the dice, learn by yourself and the hard way, pee blood if you have to, fall if you have to, but TRY

And I tried. And somewhere in that trial, over time and with a lot of effort, I went from the one who “can’t do it” to the head of the department.

 “What did you say; I CAN NOT?! I can’t, my ass!”

There is no greater motivator than the sentence: “You CAN’T do it!”

Persistence, motivation, and desire are stronger than anything. There’s nothing I can’t do if I really want to.

You just need to keep your wits about you and have your balls at key moments.

Then when everything is against you, when fear looks you in the eyes and grins arrogantly, when your knees buckle, when they shout that you can’t, that they are better, that they are more talented…

When they tell you that you are running away, that you are a coward when they expect you to kneel, fall, give up…

That’s when you should be the bravest. Stay on your feet and move forward. Get the best out of yourself. To be persistent. Worth. Learn! Bite. Turn the situation to your advantage.

Don’t give up!

It doesn’t matter the ugly words they say to you. It is important that you do not believe in them.

Courage, persistence, motivation, and desire are everything!

There is nothing stronger than that.

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